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Epic Life Success Summit 
October, 1-4 2020
San Clemente, CA

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"Epic Life Success Summit"

Why the Epic Life Success Summit?

Maybe you find yourself at the end of the day and not much has shifted and you seem to be stuck at the bottom of the mountain. It is common and one of the most depressing feelings to be spinning in the same place as you have been and that's why I designed the Epic Life conference. This one is to get you from the bottom up to a new peak. 

In this very strange time on the planet we MUST be more aligned and maximizing our prosperity. It's your turn and time to monetize your gifts, your ideas and your business(es). It takes a unique touch to help your life thrive with more flow...

This Epic Life Success Summit is for you if:

  • Your heart is in your business but there's something amiss...
  • You keep finding yourself creating from desperation...
  • You find yourself sliding back...
  • ​Your prosperity around health, income, business, or just manifesting is out of  whack and you've lost your mojo...
  • ​Your mindset has gotten funky around your business...
  • ​Sales has become a dread or you avoid...
  • ​You have the tools but not the structure to implement...
  • ​You want to align your head and heart and business...
  • ​Monetizing is on your brain but not in your bank account...
  • ​You're done with the industry of rah-rah and want the real teachings...
  • ​You know that you're on the precipice of greatness and need a bit of an              energetic boost that is custom to you...
  • ​Your energy is not communicating your authentic self so that you achieve the  success you need.

Are any of these true about your business and your lifestyle?

  • You work much harder than you want to, and you still earn a lot less than you’re worth?
  • ​You feel like you’re spinning your wheels because your business is in the same place that it was 12 months ago...or you keep having the same issues show up?
  • ​You want to help a lot more people than you are now?
  • ​You feel exhausted and frustrated by your business – and don’t know how to “fix” it
  • ​You lack a clarity and focus for simplicity that you could put into action and shift your business into a whole new level of income and freedom?
  • ​You know that with the right guidance, you could achieve great things in your business?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these statements, then you’re in the right place and I invite you to join me…

About Sheevaun Moran...

Sheevaun Moran is a business advisor, mentor, and quantum energetics thought leader. Energetic Solutions® was founded to help entrepreneurs and individuals alike to achieve amazing results using uncommon ancient principles.

She has helped over 25,000 entrepreneurs, CEO's and leaders achieve freedom, flow in the business and life. When high achievers, leaders, and entrepreneurs feel they can’t go further amid challenges and multiple odds, Sheevaun’s techniques and principles bring clarity, simplicity and profits. Her clients are rewarded with the ability to become that extra force they need to succeed.

Clients have included Fortune 500 companies, tech start-ups, attorney’s, bio-tech, transformation experts, authors, marketing agencies, inventors, etc. Sheevaun has been featured on all major media – dozens of TV spots, hundreds of radio shows and dozens of podcasts along with hosting her own podcast about success.

She is a dynamic speaker and engages her audience from the heart and core of what can help them fulfill their next steps.

Having gone through the travails of the her own near death experience and surviving the Pharmaceutical industry, Sheevaun understands this high value targets and intense pressure to achieve the result perfectly well and has been able combine her corporate experience, rapid growth expertise and also a uniquely different approach to lift entrepreneurs from the dredges of sick of it all, stuck and stagnation.

Sheevaun uses business building strategies combined with flow and energetic techniques and principles to help one accelerate and help her clients innovate. This unique methodology helps bring instant focusing and shifts to clarity, purpose and profits while in contribution.

What Epic Life Grads Are Saying...

It wasn't until this event I got to appreciate the depth of what she does. Anybody who wants to go beyond what they really think is actually possible in their own life or business should really be coming to this event again and again to see what is possible.
Wei, Redondo Beach CA
My first Epic was beyond my imagination of what's possible to shift at one single event. Everything has changed and I have such clarity and ease in my incredibly busy life.
Danielle, Detroit MI
I came to Epic a skeptic, as I'd done a lot of work on myself, and had a full blown melt down because I didn't have a real business and before I left I had a full blown plan. I even had clients contacting me while I was going through the processes that Sheevaun was sharing. It was purely aligned. I am now a mom and married, a dream from Epic and Sheevaun's work.
Michal, Southern California
Sheevaun has a way of getting you out of your own way. She, in just a few minutes, unlocked something in me that has helped me make better choices in time, money and relationships.
Mike, Albuquerque NM
I enjoyed my first Epic Life conference so much that my business and overall life improved so much. I'm the happy person that I knew was in there somewhere. One top of all that my business is rocking.
Elizabeth, Malibu CA
It was where my life and business all began to make sense. Before Epic Life Success Summit I was making a few thousand dollars a year and in a very difficult place with my husband. Today my husband and I collaborate so well in business and our marriage AND I actually have a multi-six figure business.  
Joyce, Gilbert AZ
I met Sheevaun when I was in major transitions. She taught me how to take what I have in my business and grow it with less time, energy and virtually no marketing dollars. Thank you and love your work.
Heather, Orange County CA

Innovate You. Mindset. Mission. Success. Abundance.
Energetics. Alignment. Lifestyle.

What You'll Gain...

Achieving the Peak Requires:

Alignment. Mission. Money. Success.
Strategies. Marketing. Sales. Lifestyle.

This Epic Life event is THE premier event of the year for highly driven entrepreneurs, small business owners, and experts who are ready to integrate their drive, heart, mission and ideas to build a FEARLESS 6-7 Figure System. Within the three days you will be guided through a real LIFE CHANGE and energetic ALIGNMENT! 

This shift can only occur when you're led expertly through the place where you're currently stuck so that you ARRIVE Ready and In Action. You'll Create a REAL Business, Integrate Health Shifts that have been eluding you, Align Your Money and Mission where Your Heart is, and Experience Ease with Every Step Afterward. It Will Be A REAL Life YOU are proud of. Get Ready to Be Inspired, to build long term relationships, and to grow and prosper.


Your "True Epic Shift" into the truest version of you

Imagine someone getting directly into your soul and its mission. Then shining a bright light on that with a plan and that's one giant piece you will never need to worry about again after attending the Epic Life conference.


Your "Epic Clarity Shift" in clarity and simplicity

With so much chaos and noise, it's no wonder you don't know where to begin, even if you've already begun. Sheevaun lays out a step by step plan for clarity and how to take that into your own life once you leave. 


Your "Epic Impact, Influence, Income Shift" to a 6 and 7+ figure income

A simple, focused plan for adding $100,000 or more to your business. We’ll show you how to create a “work less, make more” business model tailored to you – whether you’re starting out or wanting to go to 6-figures and beyond


Your "Epic Experience Shift" to your authentic voice, vim and victory

Ever just want to know what to say around opportunities, prospects, ideal clients and yet you hesitate? 
Ever want the right energy before you start?
Well, that will be resolved so that you have the right words for the right circumstances and they can simply pop out of your mouth as if you've been saying them with ease for years. 


Your "Epic Energetic Shift" to successes galore

It's proven that energy is the single most important aspect of any interaction you have. When you walk into the room and spend three days with high vibrational techniques, that you'll learn, it's as if you have more time, energy and the roadmap.


Your "Epic Shift" to your awakening to the greatest you

A simple, focused plan for adding $100,000's or more to your business. We’ll show you how to create a “work less, make more, have energy, be aligned and fulfilled” business template tailored to you!


Your "Epic Shift" to a ending habits of self sabotage

One of the greatest allies you can have it gaining the EDGE over any self sabotaging habits and tendencies. Everyone has them and you get to uncover and solve, in the room, those and step away with profound clarity.

Ready to Make Your Epic Shift?

** Hurry tickets are going fast!**


Welcome to Your Elegant, Premier Experience at ...

The Waterfront Beach Resort, a Hilton Hotel, Huntington Beach, CA

Ideally situated on Southern California's coast, The Waterfront Beach Resort, a Hilton Hotel, features a prime address where the sand meets the sea in the heart of Surf City, USA®. A premier vacation destination for leisure or business travelers, our luxury resort is located along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), midway between Long Beach and Laguna Beach, a few steps from Main Street and the landmark Huntington Beach Pier. Walk to local attractions like Pacific City, Huntington Beach's oceanfront shopping and dining destination, or pop in the International Surfing Museum for a peek into the history of the beloved sport. 

Family fun is just around the corner, as the Waterfront Beach Resort is only a 35-minute drive to Anaheim, home to Disneyland Park, Disneyland California Adventure Park, and Knott's Berry Farm. Convenient to John Wayne/Orange County Airport (SNA), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and Long Beach Airport (LGB), getting to our oceanview hotel is a breeze from any direction. Whether you are seeking a romantic beach getaway or in town for business, enjoy this stretch of paradise and immerse yourself in the SoCal lifestyle.

We will have the healthiest of VIP experiences, the most comfy rooms and energetics that are unsurpassed in any conference setting. You will be served on all levels for your greatest shifts at this location and with the Epic Lifer Tribe!!! (Let us know if you want to register for VIP ahead of time - there is is limited availability!)

The Waterfront Beach Resort, a Hilton Hotel
21100 Pacific Coast Highway Huntington Beach, California 92648
Phone: 714.845.8000
Here is the link to get a discount on your room! 

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